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Kate is an expert working with people 50+, all around the world.

She is a founder and creator of Acti50 program, that promotes healthy living, good eating habits, natural medicine, and variety of self-realization techniques. Kate's mission is to encourage you to change your life, and make it simply better.

Kate's job is basing on a simple and effective direct communication, and professional methodology. Together, it leads to the brilliant effects. By the years of work with seniors all around the world, she was passing her enthusiasm and energy on to thousands of people. Her workshops have changed many lives.



How she describes herself?

-I believe that the creation of good relations in a relationship built on trust and love is possible at every age. I exercise regularly. I care about healthy eating. I am a vegetarian. I cook fresh food every day. I appreciate everything I create every day. I am a creator of my own reality. I've learned how to appreciate life and feel happy every day. My job is to improve the quality of people's lives by teaching changes in living habits, and helping them to rediscover the desires of their hearts. Everything is possible!

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    Kate Dorosz

    Kate is an expert working with people 50+, all around the world.

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