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Can Harmony, Motivation and hapiness uniquely co-exist in people aged 50 years and upwards?
During the meeting, you will discover and understand how to change life habits, so you can start on the road to developing  your dreams of life in health and harmony.

Join the creator of  Acti50.tv Kate Dorosz for comprehensive information and tips on how to change eating habits, to achieve a positive attitude to life, and how to use proper breathing to improve health and prolong life in good shape up to 30 years.
Increase your self-awareness beyond all bounds.
Spend a few hours in a wonderful atmosphere surrounded by people like you want to change your life - learn to focus on the issues important to you, you will be proud of  the lifestyle changes you make and definitely begin to enjoy life to its fullest potential.
Movement and positive life style actions can replace or complement medicine, but there is no cure for inaction.
Don't just exist, thrive in all  you do every day in every way!

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  • Acti 50

    Acti 50

    Acti50 it's exactly the place you're looking for! It's a place where you will find your motivation and energy. You

  • Kate Dorosz

    Kate Dorosz

    Kate is an expert working with people 50+, all around the world.

  • La vita sana

    La vita sana

    La Vita Sana means „healthy living”. It's our motto and a main idea. We all know, that physical and mental

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