About Us

I believe that the creation of good relations in a relationship built on trust and love
at any age it is possible.

I exercise regularly. I care about healthy eating. I am vegetarian.
I cook fresh food every day.
I'm glad everything I create every day. I create their reality.
Nuaczyłam to appreciate life and feel every day.
Is it possible?
Definitely yes !

My job is to transform the quality of people's lives by teaching changes in living habits and realize the desires of their hearts.
Is it easy for 50+?
Everything is possible!

It is a goal that gives me strength to act - a lifestyle change and human health.
Fulfillment of their dreams.
I want to share with you all that she has achieved - given that it was not always so.

"A relationship is two people who agree with each other’s stories.
If I agree with you, you love me. And at that moment when you disagree, when I surrender to the doubt of one of your sacred beliefs or thoughts then we begin to divorce. Then I begin to look for any argument to prove that I am right, and I focus on that which is beyond me. Your partner is your mirror, so when you see in them any imperfections, you can be sure that they are your imperfections also. There is no other better way to genuinely connect with your partner than to immediately get rid of the belief that you need something from them, that in fact you cannot have. You are unity with your partner until they believe that something should look a certain way, that they should give you something that should be other than it is. "
Byron Katie, Stephen Mitchell, Joy each day

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