Every day you hear about global warming, pollution, and all the environmental issues. We can't stop what already happened, but what we can do, is trying to do our best to not make it worse. The most important here is a consciousnesses and will to change something. Every single person should try to do the best they can to support and protect nature. Waste sorting is not enough anymore!

You know exactly, that physical activity is extremely important for you. There are so many advantages from exercising. Let's mention that they could prevent you from many diseases, support your immunity, keep you in a good shape, and slow down the aging. List of advantages is practically endless. While exercising your body is producing endorphins, the hormones of joy – it's just simply making you feel better, happier, and younger. You can also use sport as a social activity – go with friends, or your partner, or just meet some new people.

Don't let the title mislead you – it may sound a little...scary but it is actually a positive change in your life. Not only for you but always for people around you – these who really care for you.

Nobody likes mornings... it's pretty understandable. Especially, if they are the beginning of a terrible day of rush and stress, with no spare time for yourself. After a bad morning, you would feel uncomfortable and exhausted. That's like a false start, isn't it? But don't worry, the solution is right there and it's so easy!

Not this long ago we gave you a few tips on how to make your mornings better. What do you think about them? Do you use them? Are your mornings a good beginning of a day now? If so, you are ready for the next step!

One of the methods used in meditation.
We wake up and start the day sincere smile. We are pleased that in front of us another new day. We sit on the floor and perform some calm stretches.
Once our body warms up and feel the rush of endorphins (happiness hormone), shut the eyes and take a few minutes to meditate (we can sit or lie). Our breathing becomes calm and clear the mind and hassle free.

Everything starts from the head: the emotions and beliefs and health

People in our culture intuitively sense that psychic phenomena - feelings and thoughts - have a significant impact on physical health. Notice how often we use such phrases as "die of fear" and "sick with worry." We also say that someone "had the will to live" and yet someone else died, "because his or her heart broke with grief." Contemporary researchers have managed to gather evidence confirming the relationship between the psyche and the body, the existence of which has been suspected for a long time.

Each of us has at some time suffered deep feelings of fatigue due to excessive exertion and work hours.
In Japan, each year approx. 30,000 people become victims of “Karoshi”- death from overwork.
American economist, J. B. Schor, calculated that the average American has reduced the number of hours of free time by 47 hours a month, in one generation.
Already in 1986, scientists have come to an important conclusion that stress is not what happens to a man, but that it is how the man internally responds to various external situations.